Imperial Irrigation District

Imperial Irrigation District (IID) is the third largest public power utility in California, providing generation, transmission, and distribution services to more than 145,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

IID logoIID hired Prescient to help the organization develop a roadmap for its intranet. The organization was looking to deploy an intranet to improve internal communications among their various business units. Prescient worked with IID’s key stakeholders to establish the following goals for the project:

  • Develop a plan for developing a best-in-class intranet site for IID
  • Create a roadmap for establishing the new intranet as a crucial business tool
  • Develop a strong internal management and support model for the intranet
  • Ensure Information Architecture (IA) is highly intuitive, i.e., organized how users look for information and what they want to find
  • Identify features for accommodating a wide range of online functionality, i.e., Employee Self Serve (ESS) that delivers immediate wins, as well as being scalable for the future
  • Identify best-fit technology for managing the intranet
  • Avoid duplication of effort, minimize project costs and focus on ROI
  • Develop design concepts for the new intranet

Prescient completed a thorough, two-phase project which consisted of the following deliverables and helped IID successfully achieve its intranet goals:

Phase I: Assessment Phase II: Planning
  • Executive workshop, stakeholder workshop, project roadmap
  • Business Requirements Interviews
  • User Survey
  • Focus Group
  • Key Findings Report
  • Strategic Plan
  • Governance Model
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Design Concepts & Creative Brief
  • Functional Plan
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Contingency
  • Intranet Blueprint Report and Presentation
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