Social Intranet Study 2011 - Summary Report

This is the free, summarized version of the Social Intranet Study, conducted in late May and early June 2011, with 1,400 participants from organizations of all types and sizes from across the planet. The study was led by Toby Ward, President, Prescient Digital Media.

Note: A newer version of this study is available. Download the 2012 Social Intranet Study.

The study addresses several important topics including:

  • The types of intranet 2.0 tools and the extent they are being used in organizations today.
  • The percentage of organizations that consider their intranet to be a "social intranet".
  • The cost of implementing intranet 2.0 tools.
  • Barriers preventing organizations from implementing intranet 2.0 tools.
  • Employee and executive satisfaction with intranet 2.0 tools.
  • And more...

Non-participating individuals and organizations wanting a full copy of the 46 page report may purchase a copy for $89.00 or phone 416.926.8800.

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