Handouts and presentations for the Digital Workplace and Intranet Global Forum conference.

2017 Conference Presentations

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OPENING SESSION: Digital Workplace & Pre-Conference Survey Analysis, Toby Ward, Founder, Prescient Digital Media


Session A: Consolidating Intranets Into A Single Enterprise Platform – Getting to OneMary Lou Panzano, VP and Head of U.S. Internal Communications, Bayer

Session B: Social @ Cigna: Turn Employees into Social Collaborators, Andrew Jayne, Manager, Internal Communications, Cigna


Session C (NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD): The Comcast NBCUniversal Digital Workplace 


Session D: Leading An Intranet Redesign: Planning & Training, Dionne Gerety, Internal Communications Lead, PNM Resources 


LUNCH PRESENTATION: Enhancing and Socializing SharePoint & Office 365, Antoine Faisandier, 2016 SharePoint Partner of the Year, Powell Software


Session F: Making the Most of Your Intranet On A Shoestring Budget, Dante Ragazzo, Director, Enterprise Portal, Tapestry (Coach)


Session G: Using Measurement To Help Employees Get What They Need, Karen Downs, Intranet Program Manager, H&R Block


Session H: Enhancing Enterprise Search: From "Sucks" to "Success", Daniel Shapiro, Associate Director, Enterprise Search, Merck


Session I: Our Headquarters Is The Intranet: The Planet @ GoDaddy, Kim Clark, Director, Internal Communications, GoDaddy


Session J: Cisco Systems Digital Experience Mike Mitchell, Senior Director, Employee Digital Services, Cisco   


DAY 2 


Session K: Integrating Podcasting & Multimedia with Internal Communications, Jan Hester, Employee Communications, ConocoPhillips


Session L: MAXimizing the Intranet @ Pfizer: Getting social to energize colleagues, Laura Clark, Senior Director, Global Internal Communications, Pfizer


Session M: Collaboration Within The System: The Digital Workplace of Coca-Cola, Jack Norton, Director, Enterprise Intranet, Coca-Cola

Session N: Creating More Inclusive Content for Intranets: How Google Foster's Content, Reena Jana, Creative Lead for Business Inclusion, Google


Learn more about the leading digital workplaces and intranets at Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Liberty Mutual, ConocoPhillips and many others during the next big digital workplace conference

The 2018 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum conference @ Coca-Cola World Headquarters, May 8-10