How to fix a broken intranet - Webinar

Received to high acclaim in Toronto, this free webinar was first available on November 14, 2006. This webinar is suitable for anyone with intranet problems and anyone requiring a better understanding of open source content management systems and Web 2.0 features.

"Excellent information."

"I only need one good idea to make a session worthwhile, and I received several good ideas in this session."

These are just some of the comments from the Toronto debut of

"How to Fix a Broken Intranet"

Attendees rated the value and relevance of the information
an 8 out of 10.

Organizations build an intranet to facilitate communication, encourage collaboration, streamline processes and make important business decisions faster. Unfortunately, too many of these internal sites have failed to achieve their business objectives and now require fixing.

Social software-notably blogs, wikis and social bookmarking-offer powerful solutions for fixing a broken intranet. And open source content management solutions provide an ideal platform for supporting these applications, because they enable organizations to afford experimentation and reduce the innovation cycle. Commercial open source business intelligence solutions enable a gateway to bring structured data thru the intranet via reports, dashboards and analysis allowing faster and more effective decisions to be made.

In this 90 minute, information packed session, attendees see real world examples of organizations that have fixed their intranets and achieved breakthrough performance with social networking, enhanced collaboration and best business intelligence. They also gain an in-depth understanding of how commercial open source business intelligence, content management solutions and other productivity applications are ideally suited to maximize the implementation of these features cost effectively.

Welcome and introduction
Strategies and case studies for fixing an intranet and implementing social software: Prescient Digital Media
Implementing social software with open source content management solutions: Optaros
Applying business intelligence on an intranet: JasperSoft
15 min.

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Prescient Digital Media is a recognized thought leader on all issues relating to the intranet. Its consultants present frequently at events across North America and IntranetBlog, written by company President Toby Ward, reaches thousands of readers every day. Prescient constantly applies its knowledge by assisting organizations including PepsiCo, Kao Brands, HSBC, AECL and the Ontario Real Estate Corporation to maximize their intranet performance.

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About Optaros Optaros is an international consulting and systems integration firm that provides enterprises with online business solutions that leverage the next generation of internet technologies and approaches. Optaros offers a third alternative to the "build versus buy" decision: assembling solutions using open source software and open standards, which helps us to achieve accelerated time to market, lower costs, and a closer fit to unique requirements. To learn more about Optaros, please visit

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JasperSoft is the market leader in open source business intelligence (BI). With more than one million downloads and 10,000 corporate deployments in 81 countries, JasperSoft offers the most widely used open source BI software in the world. The company's JasperIntelligence architecture is comprised of open source server, report design, analytics, and commercial software for scalable enterprise applications. JasperSoft is based in San Francisco and is backed by leading venture capital firms Morgenthaler Ventures, Doll Capital Management, and Partech International. More information is available at

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Prescient Digital Media...We assess, plan, design and build world-class intranets and digital workplaces. We are recognized, world-class leaders and experts in intranets, and have been for 16 years, with 200+ clients and dozens of Fortune 500 and big brand leaders


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