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Best Intranet Designs

Prescient Digital Media creates award-winning intranet designs tailored to your organization's business and technical requirements. We have created intranet designs for many large and big-brand clients such as Pepsi, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Schneider Electric and dozens of others.

Our design goal for our clients is to create a strong, dynamic, visual identity while reflecting your company's brand and style guidelines. The following examples illustrate our ability to create user-centric and visually-appealing designs that make the site easier to navigate.

Our Intranet Designs

Pepsi                                                                                              USAA

Liberty Mutual                                                                             Schneider Electric

Liberty Mutual intranet design

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Given our experience, we are regarded as industry experts when it comes to intranet design. We understand that designing an intranet is a complex process, first consisting of gathering stakeholder input, and then creating a new information architecture and wireframe based on business requirements. It is this "plan first, design later" approach to designing intranets that Prescient has built its reputation upon.

In November 2012, Prescient's president and CEO Toby Ward reviewed some of the best intranets featured at the Intranet Global Forum, the first and only North American conference dedicated to the planning, governance and design of corporate intranets. This complimentary, one hour webinar video and the accompanying presentation deck can be view by completing the form below.

Best Intranets Webinar Best Intranets Presentation Deck

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