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Unlike most if not all consulting firms that have technology partnerships and reselling agreements (VARs) with major vendors like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others, Prescient is truly technology neutral. Prescient owns no software nor hardware, and we have no technology partnerships or reselling agreements with any software or hardware companies. We find the best technology for our clients based on their business requirements (we do not sell or re-sell any cookie-cutter or off-the-shelf solution).

Prescient's Internet and intranet consultants work from a detailed plan based on business and user requirements to help organizations assess and choose the right Internet and intranet technology to power their website or portal.

Websites and intranets are complex and expensive investments; their scope and reach should touch and positively affect every corner of your organization. The rigor and execution required to build and maintain a successful Internet, intranet or extranet site is massive – from governance to content management, and from technology to business processes.

To select the appropriate technology – whether it’s a content management system (CMS), portal solution, social media software or other solution – Prescient develops a complete plan including detailed business and technology functional requirements before undertaking software and technology evaluations.

Failure to choose the correct technology – one that accounts for an organization’s structure, stakeholders, and user requirements – will almost certainly ensure failure and, with it, a loss of significant time, money and effort. With thousands of technology vendors choosing the right solution can be time confusing, tiresome and frustrating.  It is critical to define and prioritize your requirements, and carefully compare vendor offerings.  A solid understanding of your company’s tactical and strategic objectives will help in ensuring a successful technology implementation.

Prescient’s Blueprint service applies our rigorous business requirements analysis methodology and includes user and stakeholder research. Prescient’s skill and knowledge in the area of content management ensures that we not only produce a successful evaluation of relevant CMS, portal and social media products (which will inevitably serve as the basis for an RFP), but also quickly attract the vendors that know Prescient as a trusted adviser.

Using a complete plan or blueprint of requirements, Prescient applies a 4-8 week methodology to determine the best technology for your organization, which includes the following mission-critical tasks:

  • A project planning and kick-off phase to develop a detailed project plan and gain consensus on the guiding principles for the project.
  • Comprehensive business requirements analysis to ensure the end form and function meets the particular needs of all stakeholders.
  • An evaluation phase that will use the business requirements to build a very thorough Technology Evaluation Matrix that factors and weights hundreds of different evaluation criteria.
  • An RFP build and short-listing of vendors phase that will produce an RFP that will be used to go to market to find the best vendor solution.
  • RFP Management which includes submission to the short list of vendors, rating and scoring the technology vendors, follow-up with the vendors, viewing demos, etc.
  • Vendor management including negotiations and fine tuning of the terms of the agreement and purchase of the contract/software. Prescient will lend its expertise in negotiating training, maintenance, and renewal fees among other details to assist you in awarding the contract to the winning vendor.

For more information on our Technology Evaluation service or our other consulting services please contact us directly or phone our main office at 416.926.8800.

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