Social SharePoint Intranet Solution

Our Social SharePoint Intranet Solution improves employee engagement, sales productivity, and collaboration through shared social tools, enhanced accessibility of information and people, and increased conversations and collaboration.

Eliminate the costs of shared drives and old intranets; potentially delivering millions of dollars to the bottom line (starting at $2 per user / month*).

Site Modules Include:

Social Collaboration Graphic


Sales Intranet

Streamline sales processes, close deals faster, and promote better lead generation and closing with a  host of social intranet features including collaborative workspaces, shared documents, news & announcements, executive communications, and activity streams.

Mobile Accessibility

Employees stay engaged with social features on their smartphones and tablets. People can search for co-workers, work on documents, read localized company news and announcements, check-in to a location, and access personal bookmarks, resources and apps.

Social Analytics

Helping users find experts and get quick responses, social analytics allow employees to see colleague’s areas of expertise and social contributions, while providing site metrics. Social and web analytics are integrated across all sites.

We can save you a lot of money, and help drive sales and employee engagement.

To arrange a demo, or for more information contact us directly.

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*starting at rate based on a 2-year contract for 25,000+ users

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