"Our site sucks"

Have you said that? Do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t even know where to start?

A lot of our intranet engagements start with the client employees saying “our site sucks” and the client is always right. The great thing about this is that there is so much exciting room for improvement.

We recognize the core issues; the “why” behind the problem. One client referred to their intranet as a garage for information – everything keeps going in there and piling up. It happens a lot. That’s why Prescient has a phased approach for assessing, planning and technology.

When the client knows their site sucks it is critical to start the process of improving it with an assessment. It is vital to understand what employees need and what the business requirements are. We assess the information we collect and make recommendations based on our extensive experience and best practices. We deliver detailed key findings and recommendations.

Sometimes clients get a bit overwhelmed when they see our recommendations. There is a lot that can be done to improve a site that sucks. The planning phase guides clients through the process, starting with developing a strategy for your site that prioritizes recommendations for business results. Governance is key to every successful site and understanding who is responsible for what eases the way. Developing functional and content management plans ensures that requirements and strategy are appropriately reflected. And there is more, information architecture for usability, design for emphasis and action, marketing and communications plans, you get the idea. Check out Our Solutions.

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