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We assess, plan, design and build world-class intranets and digital workplaces. Prescient has worked with 200+ intranet clients, including many Fortune 500 and big brand leaders. We work with dozens of technology platforms, and have world-class expertise in SharePoint.

Intranet consultants / Digital Workplace consultants

We are recognized, world-class leaders and experts in intranets, and digital workplaces. Leaders for 16 years, Prescient has worked on more intranets and digital workplaces than any company in our class. We plan, design and build world-class enterprise intranets, digital workplaces, and social networks.

Intranet consulting intranet design

  • First to develop an intranet specific methodology and service approach
  • First to study and define intranet governance 
  • First to study and define a social intranet
  • 15+ awards including a Webby Award

Intranet Planning Intranet Redesign

Listen. Understand. Deliver.

We treat each client as unique; we listen to and document needs, goals and challenges, understanding each client's specific requirements, culture, and potential; and deliver highly effective and innovative intranet plans, designs and solutions.

Some of our clients include:

  • AMC
  • Aramark
  • Best Western
  • Harvard Business
  • LexisNexis
  • Mastercard
  • MetLife
  • Nintendo
  • PepsiCo
  • RBC Financial
  • Sony Pictures
Intranet Services Intranet Consultant

Our services include:

  • Analysis (evaluation, business requirements, user research, benchmarking)
  • Planning (strategic planning, intranet governance, functional planning & specifications)
  • Design (redesign, usability, information architecture, user experience design)
  • Technology (platform and application evaluation, selection, and implementation)
  • Implementation (design, integration, content, tools)
  • Adoption (communications, content management, operation, marketing, Search Engine Optimization /SEO)

Digital workplace project methodology by Prescient Digital Media.


Why should you hire Prescient?

  • Prescient boasts a full roster of satisfied, world class, Fortune 500 clients.
  • We are the only known technology consulting firm that promises to build success measures (critical success indicators) into each and every project.
  • Prescient owns no software or hardware; we are technology neutral. We find the best technology for our clients based on their business requirements.
  • Prescient has an impressive and extensive list of global, expert speaking engagements with dozens of conference, seminar and webinar events every year.
  • Prescient has the most published team of experts of any firm in its class with hundreds of published articles to date.
  • Our work has won more than 15 awards including a prestigious Webby Award.

Subscription model: 

Our Social SharePoint Intranet Solution and Enterprise Intranet Portal Package improves employee engagement, sales productivity, and collaboration through shared social tools, enhanced accessibility of information and people, and increased conversations and collaboration. And you can eliminate the costs of shared drives and old intranets; potentially delivering millions of dollars to the bottom line (starting at $2 per user / month*).

Additional material:

To learn more about our intranet redesign and intranet design services please contact us directly or call us at 416.926.8800