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HSBC North America is one of the top ten financial services companies in North America. HSBC North America has over 20,000 employees in Canada and the US with assets approaching $300 billion. This includes all of HSBC’s US and Canadian businesses.


HSBC North America, HSBC Canada, and HSBC US have engaged Prescient for a number of projects to redevelop its internal sites over the past three years.


Migrating from Lotus Notes Domino to Interwoven’s TeamSite was the starting point for these engagements. Prescient worked with the HSBC North America Web Team to identify a new structure for the content that would be migrated out of the current database structure into TeamSite. Once new information architecture had been created for the approximately 50,000 LN files HSBC North America engaged Prescient to execute a feasibility study for the next stage of their intranet’s evolution.

The HSBC Intranet Feasibility Study carefully examined the needs of the organization, as well as the potential vendor solutions most suitable for the HSBC environment. The final report provided HSBC North America with findings on four technology options and the different options they offer.

Fall 2005, HSBC Canada
  • Intranet Roadmap

Winter/spring 2006 HSBC US
  • IA and wireframes for 12 sites
  • more than 10,000 files and 5,000 web pages

Fall 2006 HSBC Canada
  • IA and wireframes for 16 sites

Winter 2007 HSBC Canada
  • IA and wireframes for an additional 24 sites

Spring 2007 HSBC North America
  • Portal Feasibility Study to determine next stage of HSBC North America’s intranet evolution
  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical & infrastructure analysis & requirements


In order to enable the various HSBC organizations to achieve their objectives, Prescient prepared an approach that gave the organizations immediate improvement in its sites, and an understanding of best practices for site management to ensure the long-term success of their redeveloped sites. Our engagements resulted in the following successes:
  • Senior management engagement in raising the profile of HSBC’s web resources
  • Engagement of internal audiences across North America
  • Motivated global intranet managers to examine the opportunities to unite HSBC intranets in look and feel
  • Conversion of more than 10,000 web pages to a single design and standardized IA structure
  • Blueprint that provides the framework for building and evolving the site
  • The selection of a robust portal solution that addresses business, user, and technology requirements including application integration and personalization