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As the recognized world leader in electrical distribution and automation and control, Schneider Electric provides comprehensive solutions that combine software, communication and services. With more than 100,000 employees around the world, it is no wonder that Schneider Electric is ranked among the world leaders in their industries. The company’s lineup of market-leading global brands, powerful local brands and specialist brands is unparalleled in terms of breadth, strategic fit and related high value-added services.


Schneider needed to enhance global enterprise communications and collaboration, while capturing operational efficiencies and delivering a measurable return on investment.

Schneider has between 80 and 90 regional and department intranets, serving approximately 50,000 employees worldwide. This disparate network of intranet environments makes searching for, and sharing of information extremely difficult.

Complicating this vast network of intranets is the lack of formal standardized guidelines for up-dating intranet content, or a governance model for the aligned management of all Schneider’s intranet content.

Schneider Electric’s global intranet site’s primary challenges

  • The current intranet technology is limited in its capabilities and many sites have been moved to their own, unique, technology solution. Without a robust, common platform employees cannot effectively interact or share their vast knowledge
  • With the exception of Paris-based and corporate function employees, few other employees go to the global intranet site. Non-Paris based employees primarily refer to their local intranets for information, tools and resources.
  • There is no commonality; design, information architecture, page layout, nomenclature, etc. between any of the different sites.
  • Many employees have to visit multiple sites to access the information they need.
  • Schneider wanted an intranet that is well organized with a comprehensive navigation and better publishing and content management capabilities.
  • A more effective intranet would support initiatives that advance the business’ goals and strategies, including cross-selling, knowledge-sharing across geographic regions and time zones, as well as being able to effectively introducing new offerings around the world.


Prescient helped Schneider create a new information architecture and design that could be applied across the organization within Interwoven’s robust CMS solution to create an engaging and global intranet environment.

Engagement highlights

  • Created a new global intranet homepage that combines local and global features and content which will become the de-facto homepage for all Schneider employees worldwide.
  • Established governance guidelines for updating, ownership and publishing content.
  • Restructured the site’s information architecture to group content according to how users look for and use information.
  • Created new design that incorporates the new Schneider branding to provide users a consistent look and feel experience.

Project component summary

  • Intranet evaluation using Prescient’s six category evaluation and scoring methodology.
  • Benchmarking the current global intranet site against two other recognized world and industry leading intranets.
  • Employee surveys executed in English and French to get a broad employee perspective on the intranet.
  • Business requirement interviews to get a more in depth look at the particulars of Schneider’s current intranet and related employee needs.
  • Strategic planning to create a new mission statement, as well as goals and objectives for the revitalized site.
  • Governance model and supporting structure to oversee the site’s operation and administration.
  • Content Management & Functional Plans to guide the site’s functionality and content at launch and beyond.
  • New visual and functional designs for the entire site that reflects the strong Schneider Electric brand and leaderships position.


Prescient helped Schneider create an engaging, globally accessed intranet site.

At its heart, Schneider Electric’s revitalized intranet will facilitate the sharing of information, foster collaboration and help build a stronger sense of global community among employees.

By providing employees with strong content and facilitating their knowledge growth, they are better able to build partnerships with internal and external customers.

The new intranet will be a high-value, high-impact business system capable of driving employee productivity, enhancing communications and culture, and supporting Schneider’s vision as global leader.