Covidien is a global healthcare products company and manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. Covidien became an independent publicly traded company after being spun off from Tyco International.

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Recognizing Prescient’s experience in the healthcare and biomedical industry, Covidien hired Prescient in 2009 to conduct a massive overhaul of its intranet. At the outset, the overall targeted objectives for the project were identified as follows:
  • Gain a deep, objective insight on the current state of Covidien’s intranet
  • Understand best practices and user requirements
  • Create an actionable intranet plan including:
  • A list of requirements for implementing recommendations;
  • Identified governance roles/responsibilities;
  • A Business Case that support Covidien’s strategic focus areas;
  • Employee focused, efficiency supporting IA, Wireframe and Design;
  • Communications and Change Management plans; and
  • A comprehensive Implementation Roadmap.


In order to deliver on these objectives, Prescient started the two phase project with Assessment activities including:
  • Stakeholder interviews with 21 individuals, including key managers and executives;
  • Five focus groups, held in four regions;
  • Online user survey with 279 employee respondents;
  • A review of recent intranet-relevant internal research; and
  • A heuristic evaluation of the current intranet.

The findings from these activities were presented in a Key Findings and Recommendations Report. During the second phase of the project, Prescient conducted the following planning activities:
  • A strategic planning workshop and produced an intranet strategic plan;
  • A governance workshop and produced a governance model;
  • A card sorting exercise resulting in an information architecture and wireframes which are also based on best practices; and
  • A Business Case workshop and produced an intranet business case document.

Prescient also developed:
  • A functional plan;
  • A content management plan;
  • Use cases to support the business case within the business;
  • A change management plan;
  • A creative brief for the site design;
  • Two design concepts of the home page, an additional iteration of the home page design and two subpage design concepts; and
  • A 200+ page blueprint document which guided the implementation effort.

Goals Achieved

  • Make accurate and relevant information easily navigable through a new intuitive, visually appealing design (pictured below).
  • Improve employee productivity.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the company amongst employees.
  • Secure ongoing support for evolving the intranet.
  • Enable a greater amount of collaboration within MOSS.
  • Strengthen engagement with Covidien among staff.
  • Increase opportunity for conversation and collaboration.
  • Increase ability to customize site.
  • Promote culture, workplace value proposition.
  • Increase collaboration and innovation across silos.
  • Provide employees a more dynamic online experience.
  • Provide Covidien with a clear guide for MOSS 2007 implementation.


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Prescient's Design Concepts for Covidien