Content area

This describes the changes made to the content area.


The breadcrumb is moved from under the navigation tabs to the content area. Also, it will not show on homepage. These can be found in page template ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_skins/custom/main_template.

The dividor is changed from '->' to '>', which is done in page template ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_skins/custom/global_pathbar.

Minor style changes can be found in ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_skins/custom/ploneCustom.css in section /* breadcrumbs */.

Default page of a folder

To choose a default web page for a folder, go to the chosen folder and click on Display action. If a desired document is not listed, click on 'Select content item as default view...' or 'Change content item as default view...'. And then, a list of select-able items will be displayed.

Document byline (authorship)

To disallow anonymous users seeing authorship and modification date info, there are several places to make the change:
  1. Portal settings, and choose "No" for 'Allow Anonymous Users To View About Information' option.
  2. The settings above does not cover the authorship information in search results and folder summary. Hence, modification in page templates ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_skins/custom/search and ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_skins/custom/folder_summary_view are still needed.

Event object view

The original event view summarizes the event information in a table. Based on the request, it has been changed to listing, which is done in page template ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_skins/custom/event_view.

'time' of events is removed from the view by setting long_format = 0 in page templates:
  • event_view
  • folder_listing
Also, 'end date' of events is removed in the page templates above.

'Up one level' link

  • In page template ZMI/{site root}/portal_skins/custom/foler_listing, remove it.

Advanced search form

To remove Item type, Author, and Review status options, we can disable these elements from page template ZMI/{site root}/portal_skins/custom/search_form.


The style changes such as background, are done in style sheet ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_skins/custom/ploneCustom.css.

  • Since we want background only shows on 'non-homepage' web pages, we add an isHome script to determine whether the current page is the homepage. For those pages, we define a '.notHome-column' style