Content types and Plone products

Some notes for the Document (Detail Page) content type and LandingPage content type for Prescient's website are described here. Also, some Plone products were installed and tested to handle Prescient's content management needs.

Document (Detail Page) and LandingPage content types

For users to distinguish detail page content type and landing page content type, the original 'Document' content type is re-titled as 'Detail Page' from ZMI/{plone site root}/portal_types/Document.

Also, a LandingPage content type is developed and installed as a Plone product. A LandingPage object can be inserted through kupu internal link tool after the product installation. However, kupu editor seems wipe the settings everytime we export/import our Plone site. Therefore, a small script is developed to recover the settings, and it should be run whenever we again import the Plone site object.

PloneFormMailer product

This product was installed and tested for Prescient's form/survey pages generation. The Prescienters' feedback to the product is generally too complex to use from the end user perspective.

PloneFormGen product

This product is also installed to test Prescient's form/survey pages generation. Up to the point of writing this document, we are still waiting for The Prescienters' feedback.