Intranet and SharePoint Governance

Who should own the intranet? What role do content owners play in ownership? What standards should be applied to the intranet or SharePoint portal, or Team Sites? What special considerations must be made for SharePoint versus other products? This one-hour webinar will examine various intranet governance models, and discuss the roles and responsibilities of all involved - from champions, to editors, to content contributors.

You will learn:

  • Different governance models, roles and responsibilities
  • How to gain real engagement and formal sponsorship from senior management
  • Policies and guidelines for managing content and website standards
  • Considerations for managing SharePoint and Team Sites

Learning outcomes:

  • What governance model is best suited for your organization
  • Who should own/manage what
  • How to secure executive support
  • The importance of policies & standards

Who should attend:
This webinar has been specially crafted for intranet owners, managers, contributors & stakeholders in communications, HR, IT, marketing, operations, and the office of the president.

Please note: Registration for the webinar is now closed. Please see below for links to the webinar recording and accompanying whitepaper.

View governance webinar

Watch the webinar video

Download Governance Whitepaper

Download the accompanying whitepaper "SharePoint Governance"

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Adam Wasserman

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