Presentations from the 2018 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum at Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta.



OPENING SESSION: Digital Workplace & Pre-Conference Survey Analysis, Toby Ward, Founder, Prescient Digital Media

Session A: Digital Strategy in Coca-Cola’s Enterprise Environment, Coca-Cola


Session B:  Digital Workplace Assistants: How Liberty Mutual Uses Digital Assistants to Support 50,000 EEs, Liberty Mutual


Session C: Designing and managing multiple consumer-grade intranet / extranet tools for the digital workplace, Genuine Parts Company

Session D: The modern intranet from 'start' to 'never finished': Digital Workplace Channels at Microsoft, Microsoft


LUNCH SESSION:  Enhancing & Socializing SharePoint and Office 365, Powell Software


Session E: The Digital Workplace Expert Panel (NO HANDOUT)

Session F: Key Ingredients for Redesigning an Award-Winning Intranet, Capital Power


Session G: Digital Workplace Transformation for 200,000, Loblaws & RightPoint


Session H: Overcoming The Biggest Intranet Problems, Prescient Digital Media

Session I: Managing Content & Publishers Using An Open Source CMS, LexisNexis


Session J: User Experience Design for the New Digital Workplace, Cox

Session K: Integrating Podcasting & Multimedia To Create Compelling Internal Communications, ConocoPhillips


Session L: Digital Workplace Video: Strategies To Advance Company Goals Through Video, Lockheed Martin & American Cancer Society


Session M: Overcoming Information Overload with Digital Workspaces, ASG Technologies


Session N: PART I - Deep-Dive Tour of the Coca-Cola Workplace, Coca-Cola


Session N: PART II - Deep-Dive Tour of the Coca-Cola Workplace, Coca-Cola


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