Handouts and presentations for the Digital Workplace and Intranet Global Forum conference.


FULL PRE-CONFERENCE SURVEY RESULTS, from Prescient Digital Media, Toby Ward, Founder, Prescient Digital Media

Session A: Employee Experience and Digital Assistants in the Workplace, Liberty Mutual

Session B:  The Social Intranet Journey: Building an Award-winning Intranet from the Ground Up, Cox Communications


Session C: The New Loop: The Heart of Our Digital Workplace, Tapestry

Session D: How to Clean-Up Your Company’s Intranet, GoDaddy


LUNCH SESSION:  7 Traits of a Successful Digital Workplace, Lumapps


Session E: The Digital Workplace Expert Panel (NO HANDOUT)

Session F: People First: A Global, People Approach to Content & Engagement, Cotton On Group

Session G: Rebuilding A Mobile Digital Workplace from the Ground Up, British Airways


Session H: Who needs SharePoint? We want social, Cigna


Session I: Enterprise Knowledge Management: Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Platform, IBM


Session J: Managing an Enterprise Intranet in Transition, Coca-Cola



Session: Key Learnings from Day One, Prescient Digital Media

Session K: The Not So Odd Couple: The Marriage of Marketing & IT for the Digital Workplace, Messer


Session L: Digital Workplace Video: Strategies to Advance Company Goals Through VideoLockheed Martin & American Cancer Society

Session M: Enhancing the Employee Experience through an Intranet Redesign, Duke Energy

Session N: Storytelling: Podcasting, Multimedia & Intranet Evolution, ConocoPhillips

Workshop: Planning and Governing an Enterprise Intranet, The Intranet Experts - Prescient Digital Media

2020 CONFERENCE WEBSITE: 2020 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum conference Times Square, Dec. 1 - 2, 2020