Intranet Change Management Seminar

“Managing Change using Intranet Blogs and Wikis – What The Professional Communicator Needs to Know”

Change management is part education, part communications, and part training.

Change is never easy. Communicating change is difficult. Whatever the cause of change – whether a merger or acquisition, or a new internal social network

 communicators are challenged with keeping employees informed to achieve as smooth a transition as possible. Therefore, it is vital that professionals know what tools and techniques are available, when to use what, and how to be as prepared as you can be by understanding trends.

In this seminar participants will learn methods to:

    1. Create a measurable strategic plan that incorporates stakeholder requirements and utilizes multiple communication channels for the best change management results.
    2. Implement proven techniques for securing employee engagement and commitment to change.
    3. Understand the emerging trends and technology that will enable you to effectively manage the change process today and tomorrow.

This seminar will answer questions concerning intranets, blogs and wikis – what they are, when to use them, what to use them for and best practices for using them to communicate change.

This seminar is for you if you are:

  • A communications professional

  • A human resources professional

  • A change management consultant

  • An executive initiating change

  • An IT manager implementing change

  • A manager communicating change

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