Taming the Monster: Proven Methods for Intranet Success

If your intranet even faintly resembles Frankenstein's Monster, you can't afford to miss Prescient's free seminar "Taming the Monster: Proven Methods for Intranet Success."
In 90 minutes you will discover how to transform your monster into a best-in-class government intranet. Prescient's expert consultants will deliver a methodology that has proven itself in government organizations across Canada.
Does your monster need taming? Take the test:
Here are five signs your intranet is more like Frankenstein's monster than it is like a best-in-class government site:
  1. Its parts are bolted together from various sources, some of which aren't quite official.
  2. Some of its parts are missing and some expired a long time ago.
  3. It lacks a brain and has taken on a life of its own.
  4. Your audience runs screaming when told to interact with it.
  5. It frightens its creator.
According to a report on the Top 10 Government Intranets prepared by the Nielsen Norman Group, here are five attributes of a best-in-class government intranet:
  1. It has explicit processes in place to drive unified design through the organization.
  2. Its content is fresh, comprehensive and accurate.
  3. The site is guided by an intelligent strategy and managed by efficient information architecture.
  4. The site increases users' productivity and has become a poster-child for government efficiency.
  5. Its creator can effortlessly manage content and deliver clear metrics on the site's contribution to organizational goals.
You will learn:
  • Techniques for engaging users and identifying their needs.
  • Key criteria for evaluating your existing intranet.
  • Developing and managing an effective information architecture.
  • Understanding and assessing Content Management Systems.
  • Creating an ROI to measure the success of your intranet.
  • How to maximize investments of under $50,000.
  • How other government organizations have developed highly successful intranets.
Contact us for Prescient Digital Media's Free "Taming the Monster" seminar and learn how to transform your intranet into a best in class site.