Emerson is one of the largest power equipment manufacturers in the U.S. and has a global workforce of approximately 127,800 employees across 150 countries.

Emerson’s Process Management division (responsible for Power & Water Solutions) required the services of an experienced intranet consulting firm to help it develop a business case that would demonstrate the value of a renewed intranet. Emerson had not yet defined the strategic direction of its intranet, which suffered from outdated content, poor functionality and inconsistent design; thus preventing the division from fully realizing the benefits of an engaging, fully-functional and properly-managed intranet.

Prescient helped Emerson Process Management define the strategic direction of its intranet by conducting an extensive assessment and planning:

Phase I: Assessment

Phase II: Planning

  • A Heuristic & Strategic Site Evaluation to document the site’s strengths and weaknesses and suggest opportunities for improvement.
  • Business Requirements analysis to document business requirements from key intranet stakeholders.
  • Extensive user research to identify and prioritize division-wide requirements for the new intranet.
  • A Key Findings & Recommendations Report which summarizes the business requirements gathered in the Assessment Phase and provides actionable recommendations for improvement

  • A Strategic Planning Session and Report to determine the mission, vision, and long-term goals of the redesigned site.
  • A Governance Model to ensure the redesigned site is managed properly and to determine if additional resources are required.
  • A Business Case that clearly demonstrates the value of the redesigned intranet including hard and soft cost-savings from improved productivity, collaboration and operational efficiencies.

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