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Intranet ROI White Paper

Intranet ROI. The cost benefit analysis of a modern intranets and tips for measuring the dollar value of intranet ROI.

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SharePoint for Intranet Governance

by Toby Ward - I like SharePoint, for all that it offers, and its simplicity of use out-of-the-box. SharePoint is replete with functionality and applications, and is the most comprehensive intranet platform on the market. It is, unfortunately, expensive, and most of the feature set that we use, and that our clients use, fall short of expectations, and often below best-of-breed. SP2010 isn’t a niche product that is supposed to be superb at web content management, or social networking; it’s a broad solution, one that has something for everybody; a solution that can please many, but not all. However, SharePoint 2013 is much improved over its predecessor.

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