Speaking Topics

Prescient consultants are available to present on a diverse range of topics in intranet and Web planning.

Prescient Digital Media is committed to providing learning opportunities to foster a better understanding for anyone working with intranets and Internet sites. Our senior Internet and intranet consultants can customize presentations and training to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Intranet topics

  • The very best intranets
  • The digital workplace
  • Intranet governance
  • Intranet planning
  • Intranet design
  • Intranet redesign
  • Intranet content management
  • Winning funding for an intranet redesign
  • Building transparency, community and trust in trying times
  • Identifying the right content management system
  • Leveraging social technologies
  • Maximizing the user experience: Delivering high value intranets 
  • Boosting usability and employee productivity, commitment and loyalty
  • How to devise performance measures and benchmarks for organizational content management
  • IBM's W3 intranet portal
  • The Cisco digital workplace
  • Intranets for corporate communications
  • Merging companies, merging intranets
  • Intranet return on investment (ROI)
  • The intranet as a global corporate communications vehicle
  • Top-five traits of a winning intranet: How to get them on your intranet
  • Turning the dream into reality: Harnessing people power to create a high productivity intranet
  • Writing for the web
  • Writing for the intranet

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