Prescient Releases Good to Great Intranet Matrix Outlining Critical Factors for Intranet Success

Toronto, ON (April 7, 2008) – What is the difference between a good intranet and a great intranet?

“A great intranet is exponentially better than a good intranet – and requires exponentially more work,” said Toby Ward, CEO of Prescient Digital Media. “Of particular importance to the intranet’s success are planning, requirements mapping, governance, and content.”

Prescient Digital Media details these success factors in a comparison matrix that is free for download at The matrix is built on Prescient’s own detailed evaluation methodology and real experience with scores of intranets in a variety of sectors.

A properly planned and executed intranet can…

  • enhance enterprise communications and collaboration;
  • increase employee satisfaction and engagement;
  • capture operational efficiencies;
  • enhance sales and customer service; and
  • deliver significant return on investment (ROI).

The Good to Great Intranet Matrix is based on year’s of experience in planning, launching and managing intranets, and its unique intranet evaluation methodology that includes over 350 variables.

Added Ward: “The matrix underscores the importance of proper planning and allocation of resources in the creation of a successful intranet. Like any good recipe, 90% of its success depends on proper planning and preparation of the ingredients.”

The Good to Great Intranet Matrix is available for download on Prescient’s website.

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