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by Toby Ward - No one said it was going to be easy. The intranet is not a website.

While employees don't visit and use the intranet for design, an engaging design will keep them coming back; poor design will drive them away.

Our business-driven design approach is strategically driven, recognizing that design should help to achieve the measurable goals defined for the intranet. Design must facilitate the usability of the site and aid in guiding users to where they need to go while also adding appeal and assisting with engagement.

Sound intranet design follows a process that incorporates:
1- Business requirements (as expressed by management)
2- User requirements (as expressed by employees)
3- Strategic & functional planning
4- Governance
5- Information Architecture and wireframes (usability)
6- Brand standards and emphasis on focus areas

Intranet wireframes, or page layouts, are then developed to show positioning of elements on the page. At this stage some usability testing can be conducted to test the intuitiveness of the navigation. Then design is applied to the approved wireframes based on brand guidelines in order to facilitate achievement of intranet goals.

TransCanada Pipelines Intranet Home Page Design

A designer of websites does not make a designer of intranets. Intranet design is more science than art; more business than creative; more functional than emotional.

Prescient builds intranet  information architectures, the key foundation for effective design, by reviewing key findings and strategic plans, conducting card sorts, and relying on experience and best practices for usability.

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Intranet Design (Design Process)

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