Intranet Design Whitepaper: Process and Planning

This complimentary, 31 page whitepaper was completed by Prescient Digital Media’s CEO and Founder, Toby Ward. It contains numerous best practice recommendations and considerations for transforming your intranet design into one that is engaging, easy-to-use and visually appealing.

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Whitepaper Description

Undertaking an intranet design or intranet redesign project can be a challenging, but extremely rewarding task, when all the right steps are taken. Creating a strong, dynamic, visual identity requires more than the right colors and fonts - it requires proper planning, senior executive sponsorship, and input from users and key stakeholders.


Major discussion topics in this whitepaper include:

  • The goals of an intranet redesign
  • Leading an intranet redesign
  • Building a business case
  • Enlisting an executive champion
  • Understanding your users
  • Prescient's own intranet design
  • And many others