Writing and Editing for the Web - Workshop

This full day workshop can be customized for groups.

Did you know that writing effectively can improve performance by up to 180%? And that people read information online very differently than they do when it's in print? Are you currently writing and editing your web content so it fits the medium and is user-friendly?

If you want to learn how your content can be more effective and scannable, this workshop is for you!

Reasons to attend:

  • To make your site more effective by being concise and writing well.

  • To encourage readership of your site by understanding how your content is being read and received.

  • To make your site user-friendly by organizing and formatting it with best practice methods.

  • To establish your site's credibility with research, consistency and standards.

Content will include:

Reading, Researching, Writing,Organizing, Formatting, Defining Purpose, Editing, and Creating Style Guides.

In this full-day workshop, you will learn how:
  • people read online content

  • to use research and establish credibility

  • to write for the web - concisely and effectively

  • to organize your web content

  • to format your content to ensure readability

  • to align users' needs with content

  • to edit content so that you can repurpose print materials effectively

  • to create style guides and standards so that your site has a consistent, professional look

This workshop is for you if you are:
  • A communication manager

  • A human resources manager

  • An Internet or intranet consultant

  • An information technology specialist

  • Someone involved in creating or managing content for intranets or Internet sites

About your instructor:

Catherine Elder

Catherine Elder is a Consultant with Prescient Digital Media providing strategic Internet and intranet consulting, planning and communications services to organizations enabling them to compete more effectively. Catherine is a communications specialist with a background in public relations and managing intranets and multi-media.

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