"The site is boring"

When people say the “site is boring” it can mean a lot of things. Conducting an assessment by surveying, interviewing and conducting focus groups will better define it.

It could be about design and how it reflects the intent of the site, but the problem usually goes deeper. It’s usually about the plan and how the information is organized. It can also be about how the content is written. More and more there is an expectation for opportunities to interact. Photos of real people make sites more personal and real.

  • For a website it is important to fully understand what you need to achieve from the site – do you want to drive sales, increase donations, inform, reduce calls, or advocate issues? Calls to action need to be apparent and emphasized.
  • For an intranet site you need to determine if you’re engaging employees by allowing them to interact, share and collaborate. You should take a closer look at intranet 2.0.

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