"We're using SharePoint"

It is all in the tone of voice. • IT says it definitively; they are a dot Net shop “we’re using SharePoint”. • Communications says it tentatively, a bit fearful; “we’re using SharePoint”.

Prescient is technology neutral. We recommend technology to our clients based on their requirements. But quite often clients come to us with their technology already in place, especially when it’s SharePoint.

We’ve worked with SharePoint. We know customization and third party vendors will be required. We make the best recommendations and plans based on our experience. We’ve felt the pain so you don’t have to.  

Key for SharePoint engagements is a strong governance model and content management plan based on a clear strategy. A phased functional plan is also vital for working with SharePoint.

But if you haven’t chosen your technology, contact us, we do content management system evaluations. We take you through the process, guide you and keep vendors on track.

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