Intranet 2.0 Blueprint

The Need:

Social Media is revolutionizing the way the world consumes information and transforming how business communicates with its target audience. This phenomena has spread to the intranet and a majority organizations have deployed, tested or are evaluating Intranet 2.0 tools.

In fact, 75% of surveyed organizations in the 2011 Social Intranet Study have implemented internal blogs.

Social media tools are becoming a point of differentiation and competitive advantage as the next generation of employees enter the workforce and employers try to overcome the biggest talent crunch the world has ever seen.

Early adopters have learned that the new intranet 2.0 tools are a cost effective solution for:

  • enhancing internal communications
  • facilitating collaboration and knowledge management
  • increasing employee engagement
  • attracting and retaining the most qualified employees

The new tools available to enhance online communication and collaboration include:

  • Blogs / Vlogs
  • Wikis
  • Podcasting
  • Discussion forums
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social networking
  • RSS

While Intranet 2.0 represents an emerging opportunity for improving management’s relationship with employees through these cost effective solutions, organizations can only affect a new dynamic dialogue with employees if they have a clear understanding for how to deploy this technology to meet their unique requirements.

The explosion of solutions coupled with quick adoption of social media by employees for consumer use, is forcing communications and IT departments to play catch up with their knowledge workers.

The net result is that many organizations know that they must adopt Intranet 2.0, and know that the solutions they require are out there, but they don’t know how to acquire and implement the best fit solutions for their needs rapidly and within a defined budget.

The Solution:

Based on our early adopter knowledge of Intranet 2.0, a technology-neutral approach to defining business requirements and a proven methodology for aligning online collaboration needs with organizational goals, Prescient has developed a customizable Intranet 2.0 Blueprint.

While the specific scope of the project will vary based on the client’s unique requirements and budget, common deliverables in Prescient’s Intranet 2.0 Blueprint include:

Business requirements analysis – we will interview, gather and analyze feedback from key leaders, communications stakeholders, and end-user employees to understand the current needs and opportunities for improvement as well as exactly how Intranet 2.0 tools can be used to improve your business.

Intranet 2.0 collaboration plan – Prescient will develop a detailed plan that documents the organization’s need, the intended benefits, the specific strategic directives, suggested  technology, and the types of tools (blogs, wikis, RSS, etc.) and functionality required.

Blogs and wiki policies – we will define the roles and responsibilities of managers and end-users, the dos and don’ts, and recommendations and tips for both Intranet 2.0 users and managers.

Intranet 2.0 implementation – Prescient will work with your internal IT department to implement two to three social media tools (e.g. 1 blog and 2 wikis with several options, features and content focuses) depending on the requirements analysis and subsequent plan, & the RSS technology used to drive posted content to end users.

Our Expertise

  • Prescient's core strength and focus is the corporate intranet and enterprise portal. Prescient’s consultants are recognized leaders in the industry and are intranet pioneers.
  • Prescient has fully integrated social media into its marketing mix and internal processes. We have wide and deep experience implementing and using
    Web 2.0 / Intranet 2.0 applications.
  • Prescient boasts a full roster of satisfied, world-class, Fortune 500 clients. Eighty percent of our business comes from existing or past customers or referrals. We have won more than a dozen awards including a prestigious Webby Award.

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